Senin, 02 Februari 2015

Lirik Lagu The Decemberists-A Beginning Song

Lirik lagu The Decemberists-A Beginning Song
Saya pos lirik lagu ini karena lirik ini belum ada di google,
padahal lagu nya lumayan enak.

The Decemberists-A Beginning Song:

Let's commence
To coordinate our sights
Get 'em square to rights
Get them square to rights
Condescend to calm this riot
In your mind
Find yourself in time
Find yourself in time
And i am waiting
Should i be waiting?
And i am wanting
Should i be wanting?
When all around me,
When all around me...

Document the world inside your skin
The tenor of your shins,
The timbre of your limbs.
Now commence
To kick each brick apart
To center on your heart.
Starting with your heart,bright heart.
And i am waiting,
Should i be waiting?
And i am wanting,
Should i be wanting?
When all around me,
When all around me...
When all around me,
When all around me.
When all around me.
And i am waiting,
Should i be waiting?
And i am wanting,
Should i be wanting?
And i am hopeful,
Should i be hopeful?
When all around me,
When all around me.

Is the sunlight
Is the shadows
Is the quiet
Is the work
Is the beating heart
Is the ocean
Is the boys
Is you,My sweet love
O my love
And the light
Bright light
And the light
Bright light
Bright light
Bright light
It's all around me
It's all around me
It's all around me
All around me

Rabu, 17 Juli 2013


45.westlife-world of our own
46.westlife-if i let you go
47.westlife-the rose
48.westlife-you raise me up
49.westlife-queen of my heart
50.shane filan-beautiful in white
51.owl city-vanilla twilight
52.owl city-the saltwater room
53.owl city-bird and the worm
54.owl city-fireflies
55.owl city-to the sky
56.owl city-rainbow veins
57.owl city-lonely lullaby
58.owl city-when can i see you again
59.owl city-on the wing
60.owl city-i'll meet you there
61.owl city-shooting star
62.the script-for the first time
63.plains white-hey there delilah
64.jason mraz-the woman i love
65.snow patrol-chasing cars
66.vanessa carlton-a thousand miles
67.bruno mars ft b.o.b-nothing on you
68.lee brice-hard to love
69.lee brice-a woman like you
70.high school musical-start of something new
71.greyson chance-sunshine and city light
72.d-pryde-start again
73.david archuleta-wait
74.bridgit mendler-ready or not
75.owl city ft carly rae jepsen-good time

Rabu, 06 Februari 2013

hello world...
sekarang saya ingin memberitahukan lagu-lagu barat yang enak didengar... ^_^
lagu barat emank enak didengar apalagi kalo bisa ngertiin arti dari lagu itu...

berikut adalah daftar lagu yang menurut ku enak di dengar:
1.linkin park-not alone direction-more than this
3.simple plan-everytime
4.simple plan-meet you there
5.simple plan-anywhere else but here
6.simple plan-gone too soon
7.simple plan-welcome to my life
8.simple plan-crazy
9.big time rush-worldwide
10.big time rush-till i forget about you
11.big time rush-stuck
12.big time rush-all over again
13.big time rush-paralyzed
14.blake shelton-god gave me you
15.ken andrews-just say yes
16.hor chelle rae-tonight tonight
17.david guetta-without you
18.lawson-learn to love again
19.the script-six degrees of separation
20.the script-nothing
21.imagine dragons-it's time
22.the lumineers-ho hey
23.jedward ft vanilla ice-under pressure(ice ice baby)
24.steven & coconut treez-welcome to my paradise
25.simple plan ft sean paul-summer paradise
26.phillip phillips-home
27.matchbox twenty-overjoyed
28.jason mraz-i won't give up
29.jonas brother-when you look me in the eyes
30.sugar ray-into yesterday
31.adam lambert-better than i know my self republic-good life republic-apologize republic-feel again republic-say(all i need) republic-all this time
37.bruno mars-just the way you are
38.bruno mars-it will rain
39.westlife-fool again
41.kelly clarkson-because of you
42.carry underwood-just a dream
43.miley cyrus-i'll always remember you
44.avril lavigne-i will be

masih banyak lagi...
tapi kalian dengar aj yg ini dulu...
kalo enak...y...comment aj ntar aku kasih lagi daftar lagu na...  :-)
lagu barat is the best...